Restorative Justice Facilitator

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Posted on January 3, 2023

Restorative Justice Facilitator

Facilitators focus on the Community Group Conference (CGC) process which brings together a group of people involved in crime, including people who were harmed, people who caused harm, support people, community members, and facilitators. Trainees will learn the Community Group Conference process, purpose and structure, facilitator communication techniques and strategies for creating an achievable written agreement to repair the harm.

Position Responsibilities:
Assist in contacting potential program participants to explain about the program and schedule meetings (youth and youth caregivers/family, persons harmed, supporters, and community members)

  • Assist in scheduling and co-facilitating meetings that support program participants in telling their story, identifying their needs, and exploring steps for accountability and healing
  • Assist in coordinating conferences – time, location, persons attending, food needs, access needs, seating arrangements, etc.
  • Co-Facilitate conference—hold space for everyone’s realities, experiences, stories, and needs; facilitate the creation of a ‘restorative accountability agreement’ that meets the needs of the person(s) harmed, community members, youth’s caregivers/family, and the youth themselves
  • Support the responsible youth in completing their restorative accountability agreement
  • Be deeply rooted in the community and have extensive knowledge of, and access to, community resources for all participants
  • Create a database of community resources for all participants

All facilitators will be fully trained prior to conducting a circle meeting.

Facilitators receive a $40.00 stipend for all completed cases.

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