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Cedar Falls Community School District   Cedar Falls, IA   Part-time     Food Service
Posted on June 6, 2024
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  1. Knowledge of Child Nutrition Program Requirement.
  2. Possess working knowledge of preparation of food.
  3. Possess knowledge of basic mathematics and measuring conversions.
  4. Possess knowledge of safety and health regulations.


Licenses, Certifications, Bonding, and or Testing Required


  1. ServSafe taken and passed no later than the end of two full quarters following initial employment date.
  2. Valid driver’s license.




  1. Ability to deal with people in a congenial manner.
  2. Ability to communicate and apply written and oral directions effectively.
  3. Ability to work at a fast pace with accurate results.
  4. Ability to work within time constraints.
  5. Pass post job offer, pre-employment physical.
  6. Have satisfactory language skill and reasoning ability.


Essential Functions


  1. Under direction of the department head, assist with the duties of the department.
  2. Assist in putting away foods and supplies.
  3. Maintain clean body and clothing at all times.
  4. Prepare food for special diets according to department head’s direction.
  5. Possess good skills in the use of food service equipment.
  6. Prepare food under the direction of the department head using appropriate methods and standardized recipes.
  7. Assist in sending the correct amount of food to satellite schools.
  8. Recognize properly prepared food by sight, taste, and smell.
  9. Assist department head in ensuring that needed food and supplies are ordered.
  10. Assist with setting up serving areas and dispensing foods.
  11. If need arises, go to satellite schools to serve food, record amounts of food used and clean up serving areas.
  12. Assist with cleaning lunchroom and serving area after use.
  13. Perform cleaning duties as assigned by manager.
  14. Drive delivery truck as assigned. Deliver and pickup food and supplies in an emergency.
  15. Assume responsibility for department head in their absence.
  16. Assist department head with recipe testing and product development.
  17. Assist department head with record keeping of all food and non food supplies used in the department for inventory records.
  18. Assist department head with maintaining accurate food production records for the department.
  19. Prepare and serve food for outside activities.
  20. Ensure all food requirements are met for meals.
  21. Assist department head in maintaining freezer and storage areas in an orderly manner.
  22. Thaw and cool foods in compliance with proper sanitation guidelines.
  23. Assist department head in ensuring proper food temperatures and documentation is kept. Calibrate thermometers as necessary.
  24. In addition to assigned meal preparation, assist with food preparation in all areas of the kitchen.
  25. Follow prescribed procedures for money collection and card sales.
  26. Practice good driver safety.
  27. Pick up foods and supplies and deliver to assigned building.
  28. Assist in packing trays, utensils, and supplies for use at satellite schools.
  29. Basic computer skills.
  30. Perform such other duties as assigned by the manager.

Physical Requirements:  Ability to lift or move 50 pounds occasionally, 25 pounds frequently with occasional sitting and frequent standing/walking.  


5.5 Hours per Day- Lincoln Location. Other locations are available 

$13.98 per hour